If someone mentions the words flip book to you, what comes into your mind? Maybe you think this is one piece of technology that’s been superseded by newer, more advanced software. Well, the flipbook hasn’t exactly been standing still whilst the world around it moves on – a quick glance at webpublication.co.uk should dispel any lingering ideas that this particular marketing tool may have had its day. This company produces online magazine creator software packages that will revolutionize the way your customers look at what you’ve got to offer them. Features such as sound, HD images, flash animation and video come as standard, making it easy to keep consumers engaged and on board. Your content can be made to work even harder for you with the addition of Google Analytics, enabling you to better understand your clients and potential clients.

A great bonus of this software package is that the documents it creates can be easily converted to multiple devices and channels – DVD, email, USB stick, iPad, smartphone – you name it! You can even embed your content in a website or share it on social networking sites. What’s more, it’s easy to customize your corporate e-brochure with your company logo and colour scheme.

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