If you’re new to the game of snooker, you may be wondering where to begin looking for quality equipment that won’t break the bank. Well, http://www.riley-snooker-international.com is one option you should be considering.  This British firm has got quite a pedigree in the world of cue sports and can even boast that they supplied snooker tables to numerous world-ranking tournaments for many years. In fact, with their help, you can buy into a little bit of snooker history by purchasing one of the ex-tournament tables they stock. These include both tables that were used for practice sessions by the players as well as those that took their place in the arena under the glare of the world’s cameras! Snooker sometimes overshadows the other cue sports, but at Riley they cater to aficionados of pool, billiards and even Russian pyramid!  You can browse an extensive range of billiard tables suitable for all tastes and budgets. And for those who want to have their cake and eat it, why not have a look at the unusual snooker dining tables that they stock! All this, plus interesting facts about the game and a handy room size chart make this a great website for all cue sports fans.

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