There are multiple advantages to having a fridge water filter, so it’s perhaps surprising that so few of us have a refrigerator fitted with one. Maybe it’s because we haven’t quite caught the ‘American-style’ refrigerator bug, although this kind of fridge-freezer is far more common now than was the case just a few years ago. These fridges’ large ice-making capacity makes them ideal candidates for internal water filters, since this technology helps ensure that the ice cubes produced by these fridges score top marks for both clarity and taste.

The samsung fridge water filter is one of just many makes of filter available on the website. A key selling point of this outlet is that its products, which also include whirlpool fridge water filter models, are purchased directly from the maker in question and are all maker-approved. Also available from this website is a range of accessories such as anti-bacterial filters and smell absorbers.

If you’re unsure of how to choose the right filter, the website has a handy guide explaining how you can gauge the quality of the filters on offer. In brief, all filters sold will have a clearly marked ‘micron rating’ which shows exactly what they are capable of ‘filtering out’.

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