Traditional ways of trying to treat common food allergies have proved hit and miss in the past, with injections and oral approaches not having proved particularly fruitful. So it was clear that a new tack needed to be tried. provides an introduction to a company that is working on just such a new approach. Their solution differs from others in that it’s totally non-invasive and is therefore quite painless. This makes it very suitable for use with children, but the fact that the blood-skin barrier is not broken also makes it safer than alternative methods of treatment. To find out more about the ins and outs of the Viaskin® method, why not click here?

This patch has been developed to find an answer to some of the most dangerous or widespread allergies, including cow’s milk allergy, dust mite allergy and perhaps the deadliest of all, peanut allergy. This particular allergy affects some 3 million people in the US alone. DBV-Technologies hope to use their patch to build up people’s tolerance levels to peanut by developing a peanut-specific desensitization solution consisting of an adhesive patch with a condensation chamber which contains and then delivers very small amounts of peanut protein to the body in a safe, pain-free way.

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