The number one priority for many websites is accessibility and user-friendliness. This has become a little more complicated over the past few years with the huge growth in popularity of internet-capable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Finding a responsive form builder is therefore more important than ever before. This might seem like trying to find the needle in the proverbial haystack, but you may well find that the free online form builder from FormForAll really fits the bill. It has been specifically designed with adaptability as standard, so much so that you won’t need to change your forms in any way to ready them for use with smartphones or tablet PCs. has all the details you need.

When it comes to the actual business of form creation, the FormForAll solution aims to simplify webmasters’ lives to the max. This takes the shape of a large selection of pre-defined form fields that are ready for use, a drag and drop interface which absolutely anyone can use, the option of uploading your corporate logo and total freedom when it comes to choosing your font and background colour. And I haven’t even mentioned the security options and the multi-lingual displays yet!

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