Apart from photographs of cute kittens, there are few things as omnipresent in cyberspace as contact and enquiry forms. We all know that quantity doesn’t always equal quality, but if you’re starting to despair of ever finding a form building solution to do justice to your retail website or blog, don’t – help is at hand! The FormForAll package is designed to make it a piece of cake to get your online forms up and running, even if you don’t have any particular expertise or knowledge in this field. What really makes things easy, even for the complete novice, is the drag and drop interface. This function allows you to choose from and integrate dozens of predefined form fields in a matter of seconds. You also have complete freedom to customize your form to your particular needs. This could take the shape of your own form fields, the addition of file uploads, check boxes or perhaps even a social login option. A multilingual display is particularly useful for online retailers.

Although most website forms are of the html or php type, there is an increasing number of Drupal or WordPress-based sites. For information on your options if you are using the WordPress CMS, just go to http://www.formforall.com/cms/wordpress.

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