The South Seas region is an area of fabled beauty and mystique, yet the attractions of a stay on one of the Pacific’s many islands and atolls are very real. Not least amongst the bonuses of coming to stay on French Polynesia’s biggest atoll, Rangiroa, is the stunning accommodation it offers in the shape of lodges like the Pension Bounty. This home-from-home has all you need for an extremely comfortable and relaxing stay, with well-appointed studio apartments fitted with all mod cons, including very useful mosquito netting for doors and windows.
Rangiroa atoll itself is a wonderfully tranquil place with an exceptionally rich range of flora and fauna. Many birds have made the atoll their home, and beautiful flowers and shrubs such as the Frangipani, the Pandanus and the Tiaré abound.

Rangiroa forms part of the Tuamotus, which is a large chain of atolls and islands. Due to its size, the atoll can be explored by bicycle or even on foot, but many people prefer to head straight for the water! There are many different diving schools on the atoll and in no time at all even beginners will be able to get up close with manta rays, sharks and other sea creatures!

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