Multiple binary options trading sites have sprung up of late. These platforms enable subscribers to procure binary options on various kinds of ‘underlying assets’, for example, forex, stocks and different types of commodities. If you need to find out more about what binary options trading actually involves there’s no shortage of useful info and tips available from various sources online. One reason why binary options have become so popular is their simplicity in terms of the outcomes they offer. Essentially, there are only 2 outcomes on the cards: a pre-determined gain or otherwise, a loss. The potential profit or loss will always be known to the trader beforehand. A large percentage of trading brokers provide demo accounts, offering you the chance to ‘test the trading options waters’, which, to give an example, could take the shape of forecasting the price of a given commodity at a given time. Digitial options are another kind of binary option. The different outcomes are defined as being ‘at the money’, ‘in the money’ and ‘out of the money’, the end outcome being dependent on your forecasts being correct. Trading can be done in real-time and often involves short-term trading with trade expiry times measured in minutes. What’s more, there are no obstacles to amateur investors participating.

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