Is it a real challenge to get hold of clothes that look great but don’t cost the earth? Modatoi’s women’s shoes and clothing are designed to do just that. Its website ( is an Aladdin’s cave of classy shoes and terrific dresses and other outfits. Frocks with floral patterns are ever-popular and the reason why is easy to see.There’s more than a hint of the naturally stylish about flower-strewn dress fabrics. The nautical theme also has the wind in its sails with its traditional stripey design . Other geometrical designs blend to form striking looks. Every bit as daring is the sheer variety of shades and the combinations they create. Purple sits side by side with black and grey. Lastly, lace is back to much acclaim, adding real class and more than a touch of femininity to any dress it graces.
Making the transition from lace to imitation leather, half boots are full-length boots that never grew-up, in all senses of the word! Everything from colour to design details and patterns are employed to maximum effect. Maybe that’s self-evident when you come across jade green and faux leopardskin designs. Ladies’ shoes are a touch more sensible when it comes to design details, although the same restrictions aren’t placed on the colours used. A riot of different hues go into the mix, including fuchsia and aubergine.

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