With webpublication’s flipbook app, the flipbook has landed – on iPhone, iPad, Android and other smartphones. You’ll now be able to enjoy and share your digital content on the move, whilst still benefitting from the many great rich media features that are at your fingertips when you create digital documentation using the latest software. Just look at how you can create an online magazine in minutes, but get results that make it look as if you’ve been slaving away for days! The sky’s the limit when it comes to making your content both more attractive and more interactive, given that you can use as many videos, HD images, flash animations and hypertext links as you like! It’s also worth remembering that a vital element of any good reading experience is the legibility of your written content and the size of your visual content – considerable care has been paid to delivering customer satisfaction with regard to both of these considerations in the design of the interactive pdf creator featured here. An equally important consideration is flexibility. Documentation that you can save to a flash drive, send by email or access on an iPhone or an iPad is the key to success.

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