When it comes to shopping for caravan and motorhome awnings, they might all look pretty much the same to the untrained eye, but in reality, diversity in terms of price and quality is massive. A visit to eurovent-awnings.com will start to give you some idea of what’s out there on the market and perhaps challenge some of the misconceptions you may have about caravan porch awnings. These days, awnings and porches are high-tech creations, manufactured from high quality polyester and acrylic that perform the two functions of keeping moisture outside the awning out and helping humidity inside the awning escape. Designs and assembly have been simplified in recognition that we’re not all naturals at DIY. The tightening handles on a model like the Trio Vermont make setting up the awning a much more user-friendly experience, without there being any compromise on sturdiness – the steel frame construction sees to that!

Eurovent awnings have been on the market on the continent for many years and are available directly from specialist dealers in the UK. Made in Europe to the most exacting quality standards, Eurovent products are keenly priced and bear comparison with similar products manufactured in Asia as regards value for money.

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