In this increasingly tough business environment, you’ll need all the help you can find in order to weather the storms still swirling around the global economy. With CRM on demand expertise courtesy of the InFact Group, give your business a real shot in the arm and set yourself on the road to recovery. The InFact Group offers a massive choice of solutions which are designed to make CRM On Demand applications more user-friendly.
What’s more, if you need business process support for standard applications, or wish to extend CRM functionality to mobile devices, these are the people to talk to. Products cover visual mapping, email integration, smartphone calendar sync and more. However, cutting-edge solutions are a powerful weapon in CRM, but that’s not to forget the vital role of long-established expertise. Our Oracle CRM consultants can provide invaluable advice to your company. Services include scoping, change management and full training and support services, all provided by a highly-skilled, multi-lingual team.
We are also specialized in Oracle Fusion CRM solutions. This solution provides a raft of advanced options along the lines of advanced sales planning and performance management. If you’re looking to ensure your costs don’t spiral out of control, look to the InFact Group for all your Oracle Fusion CRM needs.